Child and Family Services offers a full range of adoption services. We have all come to learn through experience that the safest and most successful adoptions occur when both the legal and emotional needs of the birthparents and adoptive parents have been met. 

Are you facing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering the adoption option?
Child and Family Services responds quickly and provides you with support, information, and objectivity. 

You can:

Create your own personalized adoption plan
Choose the baby’s adoptive parents
Choose to have an open or closed adoption

Pre-adoptive care is available for the baby so you will have unpressured time to be sure of your decision. CFS provides emotional support, legal consultation and guidance through the entire adoption process.


Counseling for Birthparents

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and planning adoptive placement for a child is a difficult and emotional process for parents. Birthparents often feel alone, anxious and confused, unable to make a clear decision. Family and friends may not be available or they may be too close to be helpful. A birthparent counselor provides objective decision-making counseling, support to help birthparents understand the emotional impact of adoption, sort out their feelings, choose and meet a family, go through the delivery, arrange contact with the adoptive family, and adjust to their decision.  

A Birthparent Counselor can also provide the following practical assistance to birthparents:

  • Applying for Medicaid and New Hampshire Healthy Kids
  • Locating community supports and resources
  • Coordinating the hospital process, discharge planning, and pre-adoptive care
  • Completing the Medical/Social history for court