Your charitable support enables our staff to reach out to children who are at risk, families that are fractured, seniors who struggle financially and socially, the poorly educated, isolated-unemployed, under skilled, lonely, poor or disadvantaged to offer the help they need to alleviate their distress, move toward independence and an improved quality of life.

Your donations make it possible to offer our programs on a sliding fee scale to families who everyday are making choices between feeding their kids, paying their bills, or seeking services that help rebuild their lives and stabilize their futures.


What your donation can do:

$25 could feed a homeless youth for a week

$50 could provide 3 homemaker visits that help a senior maintain independence at home

$100 could provide emergency shelter for a homeless youth or 4 counseling sessions for a child who has experienced abuse or trauma

$250 could send a low income child to summer camp for a week

$500 could help a disadvantaged teen obtain their GED or provide comprehensive pre-natal care for a teen mom, resulting in a healthy birth.

Want to know other ways you can help?  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  (603) 518-4130.




- Approximately 90% of CFS clients live at poverty level


- Last year, CFS helped 1068 senior citizens to remain living in their own homes, preserving their independence and enhancing their quality of life


- Currently redirecting the lives and serving as a lifeline for approximately 3424 runaway, homeless, at-risk youth


- Currently empowering 7521 families with the ability to function self-sufficiently and provide a proper environment for their children


- $250 provides occupational and physical therapy to a child with developmental delays for one month


- $4.60 provides a nutritious meal for a camper at Camp Spaulding


- CFS interventions prevented further abuse/neglect in 96% of its open cases