The work of CHILD AND FAMILY SERVICES can be felt by every citizen
in New Hampshire. Over our history, we’ve helped millions of children,
youth and families to be—
Self sufficient
And empowered to make positive changes in their lives and communities.


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Sometimes success is measured by different means—yet each measure of success is an important one that not only changes a present situation, but has the potential to reshape a future. And, each success, ALWAYS involves feats of courage, strength, wisdom, hard work and dedication on the part of CFS staff, as well as an unwavering commitment from our philanthropic community.

IMPACT at a GLANCE - programs
Most recently, your support has helped CFS programs to:
o Redirect the lives and serve as a lifeline for 4850 at-risk youth
o Empower 7217 families with the ability to function self-sufficiently, and provide a proper environment for their children
o Prevent developmental delays and ensure a healthy start in life for 1351 at-risk babies
o Assist 831 senior citizens to remain living safely in their own homes, preserving their independence and enhancing their quality of life
o Avert subsequent destructive behaviors for 163 previously delinquent youth
o Help 310 youth to get off and/or stay away from drugs and alcohol
o Ease the struggles of 550 families with children who have chronic health conditions
o Improve social skills, self-esteem, problem-solving, teamwork and school readiness for 220 campers who attended Camp Spaulding

IMPACT at a GLANCE - advocacy

THE CFS impact can also be felt over generations of our work in the advocacy arena. A few examples include:

• Ensure health care for children in foster care. CFS led a collaborative effort to ensure that children in foster care have comprehensive, continuous health care to meet their unique needs, which continues to impact an average of 1000 children per year.

• Rescue and Protect more children from abuse and neglect. CFS beat back proposed legislative initiatives which would have made it more difficult to investigate abuse and neglect cases, thus protecting over 800 children a year who were subject of child abuse/neglect investigations. 8,000 children over 10 years benefited.

• Prioritize the best interests of children in divorce cases. CFS led a broad coalition to enact legislation to deal with cases of shared/contested custody of children in divorce and other complex situations maintaining a focus on the well being of children and impacting more than 3,000 children a year.

• Improve birth outcomes for at-risk babies. CFS successfully coordinated a state-wide effort to preserve funding programs that ensures that high risk babies get off to a healthy start in life. It has proven to be the single most effective program preventing low birth weight and addicted babies and saves taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by minimizing the need for neo-natal hospitalization, foster care and special education costs. Over 1,000 NH babies are born healthier every year because of this program.

• Eliminate the use of corporal punishment in residential and educational facilities. CFS worked closely with Disability Rights Center to enact legislation prohibiting the use of dangerous child restraints in residential settings protecting the safety of over 400 children in state custody and thousands more in education and child care settings.

• Resuscitate delinquency prevention services. CFS leads effort to restore funding for Children in Need of Services (CHINS) thereby minimizing tax payer burden by preventing delinquency petitions, court involvement and out of home placement for 400 youth annually. Imparts a more effective, humane and long term form of justice.